52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks #52 – Julia (Card) Card

Relationship: 4th Great-grandmother
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Holy Cow! Is this my 52nd ancestor in the 52nd week post? You bet!

I know I fell a bit behind at the end of the year and have backposted quite a few in the last couple of days. My excuse is that the Grand Canyon got in my way! My sister Jill and I and seven other friends spent four days hiking down down to Phantom Ranch, staying three nights, exploring side trails, chasing rainbows under waterfalls, and hiking back up to the rim. We picked the perfect time to go, the weekend after Thanksgiving, and got the perfect weather for our Grand Adventure.

Now, back to the 52nd ancestor at hand. Julia Card. My 4th great grandmother. She is the granddaughter of my D.A.R. patriot John Angle.

Julia was the 8th of eight children born to Phebe Angle and Peter Card. Phebe and Peter’s children are as follows:[1]

  1. Martha [Patty] Card, born 15 October 1795
  2. Sarah Card, born 04 July 1799
  3. Elizabeth Card, born 10 April 1802
  4. Andrew Card, born 04 April 1804
  5. Sylvester Card, born 11 April 1807
  6. John Card, born 02 April 1811
  7. Emeline Card, born 24 June 1815
  8. Julia Card, born 08 March 1816

Julia also had a 1/2 brother named Peter Card born 18 February 1820.[2] He was the child of Phebe Angle and Henry Card. It is unclear whether Henry was the brother of Phebe’s first husband, Peter Card, or perhaps a Card cousin.

To muddy up the waters even more, Julia married a man name Henry Card. This particular Henry Card was born on 20 September 1809.[3] Julia Card and Henry Card were married 08 October 1830[4] and soon their own family was growing. Their children were:[4]

  1. Phebe Jane Card, born 17 June 1833
  2. Elizabeth Card, born 10 August 1835 (my 3rd great grandmother)
  3. Mary Card, born 10 June 1838
  4. Martha Card, born 26 August 1841
  5. Abby S. Card, born 09 March 1845
  6. David S. Card, born 11 May 1847
  7. Ira R. Card, born 07 August 1849

Henry Card passed away in Vernon, Sussex County, New Jersey, at the age of 61 on 10 November 1870.[5] Julia remarried less than two years later. She married William Dunn on 27 January 1872.[6] They did not have any children together.

Like many people in my New Jersey family, Julia was born in Stockholm and that is where she died at the age of 75 years on 20 February 1892.[7] She was buried in the Stockholm Methodist Episcopal Churchyard.

Stockholm M E Church

Stockholm Methodist Episcopal Church, Sussex County, New Jersey

I did it! All 52 Weeks, All 52 Ancestors.

Now, what to do for 2016. Any suggestions?

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