Sepia Saturday #324: Don’t Fence Me In








The unique part of this card is that the little girl’s frock and bow are actually a piece of calico behind the cut out for the dress. Uncle Adam and Aunt Kitty sent this card to Aunt Sadie. The little girl is behind a fence when the card is closed but checking out a blue bird when the card is open.

Speaking of fences… Again, another short post. I’m in the middle of a genealogy online course so my time is a bit restricted right now.

This is Sadie’s father, William Charles Strait, as a young boy.

sepia 324030

There’s a picket fence in the background and this is probably at William Henry Hunt’s house on Warbasse Junction Road in Lafayette, Sussex County, New Jersey. The picture itself is printed on the front of an unused postcard. The writing on the back simply says, “Bill.” It looks like he’s wearing a Christening gown and cap which is bright white in the sunshine.

Directly behind him is a tall water spigot with a large pump handle. Behind that looks to be some fenced-in corrals for animals and small barns. This photo was taken around 1910 or 1911.

The concept behind these weekly Saturday posts can be found at Sepia Saturday Intro.
Theme taken from Sepia Saturday photo: Railing/fencing

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 6.14.42 AM


3 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday #324: Don’t Fence Me In

  1. Hope you learn some new things in the genealogy class…I keep meaning to take one, but still haven’t untangled the relations on Ancestry the way it is. Love the connection of railings…and especially the card with the fabric!


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