Sepia Saturday #325: Laura and Henry and Carole Lee


This beautiful Christmas card reminded me of the row of buildings in the photo prompt. It was sent to Aunt Sadie from her Uncle Henry (known in the family as Hank), his wife Laura Maye and their daughter Carole Lee.

Laura Maye Isaacs was Hank’s first wife. They were married on 12 October 1942 in Annapolis, Maryland, at St. Mary’s Church by Father Newell.[1] Hank and Laura Maye had two children, daughter Carole Lee as shown on the card and a son Henry Allen named after his father. Laura Maye and Hank did not stay married long and they were divorced in December of 1948.[2] Perhaps a bit more on this family is in order after my time frees up again!

Hank eventually married again and had five other children with his second wife Eleanor.

The concept behind these weekly Saturday posts can be found at Sepia Saturday Intro.
Theme taken from Sepia Saturday photo: Row of buildings

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 6.16.21 AM

[1] Anna (Karthaeuser) Repsher, compiler, “Family Record of J. J. Repsher Jr. and Caroline Repsher nee Bonser”; handwritten family group sheets, Netcong, New Jersey, 1911-1970, p. 96; privately held by held by Jodi Lynn Strait, Tucson, AZ.
[2] Ibid.


4 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday #325: Laura and Henry and Carole Lee

  1. Well, maybe stretching the theme a bit, but I’m glad to hear about the family, and Uncle Hank who had so many children with his 2 wives. There must have been great reasons to divorce in 1948, as it was so rare in those days. Good research shows in your documenting of sources!


  2. My grandmother and grandfather divorced around 1918. They had 2 children. She remarried but had no more children. He moved away & did not remarry. Her second husband passed away, and some years later she & my grandfather met coincidentally when they both unknowingly showed up to visit mutual relatives at the same time. They went out to dinner and “talked the night away” as grandma put it, and almost immediately remarried. 🙂


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