Sepia Saturday #327: FAN club


This one-sided card was given to Aunt Sadie from her Aunt Kitty. The signer of this card, Kitty, was married to Adam Otto Repsher on 28 June 1942 in Netcong, Morris County, New Jersey, at St. Michael’s Church.[1] Adam and Sadie’s mother, Beatrice Irene (Repsher) Strait, were siblings. This kitten, with her parasol, has a hat with a feisty pink feather and is coyly hiding behind her moveable fan.

There are so many different types of fans to pick from for this prompt. Box fans, window fans, oscillating fans, handheld folding fans (like the kitten has), attic fans, Elvis fans, ceiling fans, sports fans, floor fans, fans that make Beyoncé and Taylor Swift look spectacular…

In genealogy, the term FAN club is something completely different. It stands for Friends, Associates, and Neighbors. I have lots of photos of Sadie’s mother, Beatrice, with her friends. Beatrice left me her photo album containing pictures of when she was in her late teens and possibly into her early 20s.

I’m sharing some of them here but, unfortunately, I don’t have many names to go with the people in the photos.


Beatrice Irene Repsher with unknown friend/neighbor.


Beatrice Irene Repsher with unknown friend/neighbor.

In these two photos, Beatrice is posing with each of two unknown gentlemen. She is wearing the same dark dress with white collar. The house behind them has a large porch with white railings. In one photo, the man is wearing a suit and the other shows a man in a baseball uniform with his hat sitting jauntily on his head.

The next photo shows a woman that is found in a lot of photos in this album. She is frequently found posing with Beatrice but also figures into photos with Beatrice’s sister Helen. I like that they both have head scarves. It must be fall given that they’re wearing long coats and the noted lack of leaves on the trees in the background. The wooden structure with steps behind them is intriguing.


Beatrice Irene Repsher (right) with unknown friend.

Head scarves must have been a trend for a year or two. Here is Beatrice again with three other girls. I think the girl on the far right is the same girl as above. They’re not quite wearing shorts; the pants are more capri in nature. Beatrice is holding a walking stick.


Beatrice Irene Repsher (right) with three unknown friends.

What good is a friend if you can’t fool around and get a great candid photo with her? I have to wonder how long after the photo was taken did Beatrice end up lying on the ground. Her friend seems to be having fun but it looks like her grip is slipping.


Beatrice Irene Repsher (hanging) with unnamed friend.

The last photo is a group photo probably taken on the shores of Lake Hopatcong or Lake Musconetcong. Beatrice is laying in the front in the foreground, her head resting on her sister’s hip. I like the relaxed feeling this photo gives, like they’ve been out horsing around all day and it’s time to wind down before going home.


Beatrice Irene Repsher (foreground) relaxing after a day on the lake with friends.

So, no ceiling fans, fancy oriental folding fans, or sports fans. Just some “Friends” from Beatrice Irene Repsher’s FAN club.

The concept behind these weekly Saturday posts can be found at Sepia Saturday Intro.
Theme taken from Sepia Saturday photo: Fan

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[1]Anna (Karthaeuser) Repsher, compiler, “Family Record of J. J. Repsher Jr. and Caroline Repsher nee Bonser”; (Handwritten family group sheets, Netcong, New Jersey, 1911-1970), p. 90.


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