Sepia Saturday #335: He’s my Younger Brother






What to do with a yawning koala bear? Why naturally, equate it to children singing! This is the only card I could find with open mouths. The little boy is also showing some of his bottom teeth, like the koala. It’s a Valentine Day’s card found in my Aunt Sadie’s Shirley Temple Scrapbook. An older girl and younger boy, maybe brother and sister, are singing away while tapping out a tune on the piano.

Which bring us to Aunt Sadie (older girl/sister) and my father Bill (younger boy/brother). I’d like to share some of the photos of them together with you.sadieandbillie335003


The chair photo shows older sister Sadie on the right with her arms around a very smiley, younger brother Billy.

The next photo shows the siblings outside on someone’s lawn. Sadie was wearing a dress with ruffles around the armholes and ankle socks. Billy was wearing overall shorts and the expression on his face looks a lot like a kewpie doll. Sadie looks like she’s wringing her hands and there’s a worried expression on her face. There’s a house in the background behind the trees but I’m not sure who’s house it is.


This next photo looks to be around Easter time. Both Billy and Sadie were dressed in white or a very light color. Sadie’s pleated dress had a bow at the waist and she’s wearing a bow in her hair. She doesn’t look happy about something, perhaps having to keep that dress spotless! Both siblings had very neatly combed, blonde hair. Billy was wearing short pants with a smart jacket. This would have been taken in the early 1940s.


This next photo is one of my favorites. Billy has an ear-to-ear grin and Sadie is smiling, squinting into the sunlight. Based on the coats they’re wearing it could be early spring or just starting to turn cooler for fall. There are a couple of cars with fancy grills in the background. I also like the off center composition of this photo, crowding the subjects to the left side of the frame.


And apparently life wasn’t all fun and games. This photo shows Sadie and Billy with a broom on the back sidewalk of a Victorian house. Their mother, Bea, watches over them. Billy was giggling at something. Sadie has one hand on her hip and the other reaching up to the top of the broom. She was wearing a calico dress. I think the house is the one on Pine Street, Newton, Sussex County, New Jersey.

The last photo shows Billy and Sadie at Christmas time. They both have winsome expressions on their faces. Sadie was wearing a dark dress with a white collar matching the bow in her hair. Billy was wearing sadieandbillie335004short pants but had a striped tie on. I’m guessing the photo was taken down at Aunt Toot’s house based on the toy train set behind them.

So, that’s some photos of my dad Bill and his older sister Sadie when they were younger.


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7 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday #335: He’s my Younger Brother

  1. What wonderful photos or your father and aunt and how lucky you are to have them. I’m very fortunate to have similar photos of my father and aunts when they were young. I even have some of my grandparents when they were small. Precious keepsakes!


  2. I really love the way you segue from the Sepia Saturday prompt to a card in Aunt Sadie’s collection, to your family photo collection and end up with nothing resembling the prompt. LOL. Did you notice that Sadie’s and Bill’s hands are the same in the 2nd photo? I think the expressions in the Christmas photo was “hurry up and get this over with so we can play with our toys!”


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