Sepia Saturday #346: Catch that Bus!

Before this post begins, I need to comment that I’m completely off the rails regarding Sepia Saturday. The administrators decided to change things up a bit (a good thing) and post only one photo per month starting in August and September 2016 with a corresponding theme (Love & Marriage, Work & Play, etc.) to help the Sepians along. Well, this did not fit in with my project at all! I’m a stubborn girl (dang all that German and Dutch) and somewhat resistant to change. So, what I did, so that I could have a different photo a week, was to go back into the Sepia Saturday archives and pull the photos for last year. I’ve noted what date/number the original photo was used.








This cheerful bear is coming through a gate and has his hand out to shake yours. He’s wearing bright blue overalls and a yellow plaid shirt. The saying on the front and inside reads, “Hi-Yah! Happy Birthday! Best of wishes, too, AND – Here’s my little hand-out All My Best to You!” As the card opens the bear’s hand moves up and down through the capital A on the inside.

Both the bear coming through the gate and the bus in the photo prompt reminded me of a picture that I have of my grandmother Etta (Pauw) Westra and her daughter Lena during their trip to Germany in the late 1950s or early 1960s. Etta went to Germany to visit Tante Dini. This photo shows them dini-30frontalighting from a bus-type (it looks like a VW caravan to me) vehicle and making their way through the front gate of a relative’s yard. Lena is the figure with her hand reaching up to straighten her hat. Etta is the woman on the far left being assisted by one of her brothers.

This is a short post this week. I really want to put together a full story of their visit along with documents and many more pictures. However, I need to ask my mom some questions and possibly reach out to Aunt Lena on her experiences while her mom and she was over there. Stay tuned…

The concept behind these weekly Saturday posts can be found at Sepia Saturday Intro.
Theme taken from Sepia Saturday photo (originally #295, 05 Sept 2015): Bus



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