Sepia Saturday #348: Congratulations on Your New Baby








This card shaped like a bib is the one card in the collection, from Aunt Sadie’s Shirley Temple Scrapbook, that is actually shaped like a piece of clothing although this was never hung out on the laundry line to dry. The saying inside says, “Happy for you in that ‘Blessed Event’ – In the safe arrival that Heaven sent; And wishing you all as a Family the greatest of joy through the years to be.”

I have one photo of my great grandmother Audrey (Hunt) Strait that relates to laundry.


But enough about laundry. My curiosity was piqued with the baby bib card. Who is this Mrs. M. Palazzi sending Beatrice (Repsher) Strait a congratulations card?

Since Aunt Sadie was born in 1937, I started with the 1930 U.S. census. A search for first name “M” and last name “Palazzi” turned up the Palazzi household in Netcong, Morris County, New Jersey.[1]



The family owns their own house which is valued at $6,000 in 1930. They are living on Mechanic Street. Michael is a chiropractor with his own general practice.

I would say that Jennie C. Palazzi is the card sender, just based on this. Why? Well, for the following reasons:

  • Beatrice (Repsher) Strait was 26 when Sadie was born in 1936. In 1936, Jennie would have been 35. They are not quite the same age to have gone to school together but they may have been friends.
  • Netcong is a small town. Beatrice was living with her parents in Netcong in 1930 on Ledgewood.[2] They most likely lived very close to each other. This 1920 Sandborn map show the relative locations of the streets.[3]


  • There were no other Palazzi families found in the Netcong or the surrounding area. Also, there were no Palazzi families found in the Newton/Sussex County area.

Jennie C. Palazzi, wife of Michael, sent Beatrice a beautiful congratulations card to celebrate the birth of my Aunt Sadie. It’s one bib, however, that my grandmother Beatrice didn’t have to launder.

P.S. My dad has confirmed my findings! The Palazzi family lived directly across the street from Anna K. Repsher (Sadie’s grandmother) when she lived on Maple Avenue in Netcong, New Jersey. They were neighbors.

The concept behind these weekly Saturday posts can be found at Sepia Saturday Intro.
Theme taken from Sepia Saturday photo (originally #297, 19 Sept 2015): Laundry


[1] 1930 U. S. census, Morris County, New Jersey, population schedule, Netcong, ED 55, page 13A (penned), dwelling 248, family 227, Michael Palazzi; digital image, ( : accessed 21 August 2016); citing NARA microfilm publication T626, roll 1374.
[2] 1930 U. S. census, Morris County, New Jersey, population schedule, Netcong, ED 55, page 15A (penned), dwelling 329, family 290, George A. Repsher; digital image, ( : accessed 03 August 2011); citing NARA microfilm publication T626, roll 1374.
[3] Netcong, New Jersey [map], 1920, 100 foot scale, “Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, Netcong, Morris County, New Jersey (Sheet 1),”; digital images, Princeton Library ( : accessed 22 September 2016).


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