Sepia Saturday #357: Towheads


This is my second favorite card from Aunt Sadie’s Shirley Temple Scrapbook. (My favorite is here.) I like the pink and purple and yellow and green along with the dogwood tree on the front and the tulips in the center garden of the park. I’ve been worried I might not have a prompt to use this card with but here it is! Better late than never.

A young blond boy and girl grace the front of this 2nd birthday card. The boy is collecting flowers and the little girl seems to have captured a very friendly squirrel which she is showing to the boy. Their black and white dog is very unconcerned about the squirrel. The inside of the card shows a charming animated park scene. There’s a lady pushing a stroller, a young boy with a wooden tricycle, a boy floating a boat in a flowing fountain, children collecting flowers and playing with toys.

sepia357003sepia357004Again, since it’s getting toward the end of the year, I have a few more cards that fit the theme of towheads that I’ve taken from the prompt photo. The second card was sent to Sadie for her 3rd birthday. The towheaded boy and girl are outside where the girl has a tricycle and the boy is playing with a model car. A beautiful cake with three candles is featured in the bottom right hand corner. On the inside of the card, they’re looking into a bird’s nest that contains three little yellow birds. The saying inside reads, “Wishing everything that’s nice To make it plain to see How much I think of Someone who is Dear and Sweet and Three.”


The same style of card was sent to Sadie for her 4th birthday. The children seem to be the same ones from the 3rd birthday card. This time though they’re playing indoors with soap bubbles. A four-candled cake is featured in the bottom right hand corner. On the inside they’re sending bubbles into the air and the saying reads, “Because I know you’re all grown up and four years old today I wish you lots and lots of more fun than words can ever say.”


Another birthday card features a little blonde girl with multiple pony tails all over her head tied with blue bows. She’s wearing a pink dress with white polka dots and is putting her shoes on over her red striped socks. The inside features a saying that reads, “Somebody sweet has added a year, Somebody’s grown a bit more dear, Somebody’s finding that life is fun, Somebody’s joy has just begun, and here is a wish that somebody will stay as sweet as somebody is today.” It was sent to Sadie from one of her grandmothers. Grandma Strait based on the style of the “G” in grandma.

sepia357009sepia357010The next card is a Valentine’s Day card from Grandma Repsher to Sadie. It features a young girl with golden curls and red bows. She is wearing a little blue pinafore dress and has a loyal dog sitting at her feet. The only thing on the inside is a saying, “The greeting looked so happy.. so sweet and dainty, too, I knew it was intended for someone just like you.

sepia357011The last card featuring a towhead is another Valentine’s Day card. A young boy holding flowers is wearing short blue overalls and has some seriously rosy cheeks. His cart contains a puppy. This card comes from Henry and is most likely a schoolmate.

The dictionary defines a towhead as someone with very light blond hair. That pretty much fits all the children on both the paternal (Strait/Rephser) and maternal (Westra/Pauw) side of the family.

I have a colorized photo of my Dad and his sister that is very reminiscent of this week’s Sepia Satubilly-and-sadie-straitrday prompt photo. Also, the tricycle that my Dad is riding in the photo looks exactly like the trikes found on a couple of the cards above. In the photo to the left, Sadie’s dress was tinted a light pink, Billy’s coveralls were tinted a greenish-blue and both Sadie and Billy’s hair was tinted yellow. They really didn’t need to have their hair tinted yellow since other untouched photos show clearly how blond they were.


Another photo shows Billy and Sadie with their first cousins Ronnie and twin sisters, Judy and Sharon, Repsher. sadie-and-billy-with-ronny-and-twins-judy-and-sharon-repsher


Jodi, Jenni and Jill

My sisters and I were very blond when we were young. Now, not so much without some sort of chemical aid…


Craig Begraft

Our Westra cousin, Craig Begraft was another towhead when young. I like the photo of him to right. It’s a very joyful photo.

My mom was also a towhead, as were her siblings. Here she is sitting on the running board of her father’s truck with her brother Ewold in the early 1940s.martha-and-ewold-on-truck





Those are just some of the towheads in the family. I’m sure there are many more photos that I could dig up but that will have to be for another post.


Alexander Charles Ogar


Rebecca Lynn and Alexander Charles Ogar

P.S. The latest towheads in the family… These are my sister Jenni’s children and I couldn’t resist sharing their pictures with you.







The concept behind these weekly Saturday posts can be found at Sepia Saturday Intro.
Theme taken from Sepia Saturday photo (originally #306, 21 Nov 2015): Towheads



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