Sepia Saturday #363: Tag! You’re It!

The 2016 Sepia Saturday Project is Finished!!

Welcome to the last post for the year related to Sepia Saturdays for my 2016 genealogy project. It has been immensely fun. There have been all sorts of posts: biographies, stories, recollections, musings, research results, and more. Using the Sepia Saturday photos as prompts to connect to my Aunt Sadie’s Shirley Temple Scrapbook cards and then to my blog post for the week has been exciting and sometimes challenging. Some posts were short and some longer depending on how the material flowed for that week. This project has also been a nice way to make sure the beautiful, vintage cards were not just sitting in my files without being enjoyed. Since the cards were tucked away, out of the glare of sun and lights, some are as vibrant in color as the day they were stored away.

The concept behind these weekly Saturday posts can be found at Sepia Saturday Intro.

I have to say, I’ve been much more diligent in making sure that my posts are scheduled in advance. They say that the more you write, the better you get at it and I have seen my creativity come out with these posts. A few of my favorite 2016 posts?

So, what is the last Sepia Saturday post for this year? Scattered throughout Aunt Sadie’s scrapbook were Christmas gift tags that were on Sadie’s gifts over the years. These are those tags. You can see the Art Deco influence of the times in many of them.

sepiatags001sepiatags002sepiatags003Scottie dogs, pointsettias, and Santa Clause…


2017: What’s in Store for This Blog

What project is coming up in 2017? My in-depth, once-a-week post will switch to Fridays. Those Friday posts will be a variation of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks in that I will be looking at various documents in my files and what sorts of genealogical information can be found in them. Discussions around how to translate, evaluate, and connect that information to a family tree will occur. Thus, the 2017 project is 52 Documents in 52 Weeks.

I’ll still be posting a Sepia Saturday post but only once a month. Wordless Wednesday will continue with 2017’s focus being on the maternal (Pauw/Westra) side of the family. Additionally, Sunday’s Obits will be added, featuring an obituary from the family.

Shirley says goodbye! Looking forward to seeing you all in 2017!



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