Sepia Saturday – February 2017 – Joseph and Beatrice Guirreri

The Sepia Saturday site has switched back to weekly posts so I’ve chosen one of the February posts, their number #353, to write about as my monthly Sepia post. It doesn’t match where I ended up on my Sepia postings (#363) because I wanted weekly posts to finish out my posts for the 2016 year.

Sepia prompt photo shows a beautiful photo full of light and shadows. It is the steps of Inglesia in San Tomas, Guatemala, and comes from the files of the State Library of Florida. This photo is from 1938.

My photo is from 1976.

Jodi, Jill and Jenni Strait with Lisa and Mike Ulmer.

Like the prompt photo, my family photo is full of shadow and light. You see the shadows of a person (most likely Mom or Aunt Sadie) taking the snapshot, a railing in the foreground and another figure on the right. You see the shadow of the kids. You see the shadows of the trees in the back. You see all of the kids squinting into the sunshine that lights our faces. And we’re sort of arranged in the same arch pattern as the prompt.

I know what the event is that caused someone to photograph the grandchildren of Beatrice Strait and the grandchildren of Joseph Guirreri together. It’s my grandmother Beatrice’s wedding to her second husband Joseph on 03 June 1976 which took place in Newton, Sussex County, New Jersey.[1]

Bea and Joe on their wedding day

I am ashamed to admit, though, that I remember absolutely nothing whatsoever about this day! I was 10 years old on that day. Memory is a very fluid thing and apparently this was not a memory I chose to store in my long-term memory banks. Try as I might, I can dredge up nothing about the ceremony, the church, what people were wearing, or the reception afterwards. I know the reception happened because there are photos of that too! Here, Beatrice and Joe are photographed enjoying their beautiful wedding cake. My sister Jenni’s arm is seen on the right-hand side and she’s wearing the same outfit as our group grandchildren photo above. You can bet that I didn’t miss getting a piece of cake on that day either.

So much for me being a reliable eyewitness. I wouldn’t even be able to cite this as personal knowledge in a formal citation. Even though photos show that I was a firsthand witness and most likely participated in the procession, since I see the flowers in our hands in the group photo. But the prompt photo did give me an opportunity to share those wedding day photos with you. No matter what I do or don’t remember!

[1] Elaine (Struss) Feret, compiler, “Family Record of J. J. Repsher Jr. and Caroline Repsher nee Bonser – Addenda”; (Handwritten family group sheets, Whippany, New Jersey, 1995-2013), p. 15; privately held by held by Jodi Lynn Strait, Tucson, Arizona, 2017.


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