Sepia Saturday – May 2017 – Batter up!

The prompt picture I’ve chosen from Sepia Saturday for May is a man posing with a baseball bat in a photographer’s studio. It is Sepia’s number 369 which is out of sync with my ending 2016 Sepia Saturday numbering. Quite frankly, I had a tough time picking the prompt photo for this month. Nothing really popped out at me with the four Sepia photos provided as inspiration. That said, this will be a short and sweet post!

I chose this prompt photo because I have one photo of my grandmother Beatrice (Repsher) Strait when she was a teenager posing with a man in a baseball uniform. The photo was glued into an old-style photo album so there’s no way to see if there is an identification of the man written on the back. The man has a wonderful smile and his arm draped over Beatrice’s shoulder. The uniform is a light colored one and the pants are tucked into some knee-high socks with dark bands. The team name isn’t all that clear but it does start with “Ma…” They are obviously not at the baseball field as it looks like someone’s yard. This was mostly likely taken in Netcong or Stanhope, New Jersey. I would say the photo was taken around 1925 or so.


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