Sepia Saturday – October 2017 – Little Girls in White Dresses

The prompt picture I’ve chosen from Sepia Saturday for October is a portrait of a little girl in a frilly, white dress. It is their number 389 which is out of sync with my ending 2016 Sepia Saturday numbering. I chose it for October because I have a few photos of little girls in white dresses.

The first is of my great-grandmother, Anna M. Karthaeuser. Like the prompt photo, she was posing in a photographer’s studio, most likely on Staten Island, New York, around the turn of the 20th century. It has some of the same elements as the prompt photo: flowers in a vase, a girl in a white dress, and a large piece of furniture. She has a sweet expression on her face and her long-sleeved dress is jazzed up a bit with a dark sash tied into a big bow at her right hip. The ruffles on the hem are very much like the prompt picture.

Anna M. Karthaesuser, circa 1892

I have a later photograph of Anna in her First Holy Communion dress which was also probably taken in New York City. Her hair is very long and worn loosely over her shoulders. It is obviously taken at photographer’s studio as the backdrop and curtain on the right are a dead giveaway.

For comparison, I have my Aunt Sadie (my Dad’s sister) in her First Holy Communion dress. Her hairstyle is a bit shorter but the standards for dress hadn’t changed much since her grandmother, Anna M. Karthaeuser, had her photo taken. I’ve cropped the photo to highlight the dress.

Mercedes Marie Strait, circa 1945

But the untouched photo has a lot of interesting detail in it. Notice the house on the right with the white porch railing, the low wall she’s standing in front of, and the decorative lathe on the garage/barn on the left in the background. 

Those are my girls in little white dresses. No burning story this month, just some shared photos!


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