StraitFromNJ – The 2018 Edition

2018: What’s in Store for This Blog

What project is coming up in 2018? This year, I’m switching it up just a bit. I will be posting once a week using daily prompt suggestions found at Geneabloggers Tribe daily prompts. I will post on Monday the first week, Tuesday the second week, Wednesday the third week, and so on throughout the year. By picking one of the daily prompts each week, I hope to keep my writing motivation up, ferret out new genealogy leads, and vary the types of posts I can create here. Since I started a new job in 2018 with a new company, I wanted to still keep posting without the stress of something so ambitious as, oh say, 52 Places in 52 Weeks which would’ve required some extensive research and a much larger time commitment.

Thus, the 2018 project is 52 Prompts in 52 Weeks.

As in 2017, I’ll still be posting a Sepia Saturday post but only once a month.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you all in 2018!


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