52 Prompts in 52 Weeks #3 – Wedding Wednesday – Westra-Strait Invitation

This week’s prompt is to display some old wedding photos or scan some wedding invitations and announcements. I have some of those that I can share over the coming weeks.

Even though my parents were divorced in 1980, I’d like to share their wedding invitation. I reserve the right to post photos of my mom in her wedding dress later in the year.

This is the invitation to the wedding of my parents: William Charles Strait, Jr. and Martha Ethel Westra. The front of the cream-colored invitation is embossed (raised up in relief) with the image of wedding bells tied with a ribbon along with embossed lettering at the bottom right. The invitation is cut to look like a book or a bible.

The front of the invitation

The inside of the invitation has all the pertinent information to get the wedding couple and their invited guests to the church on time. They were married in St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church on Halsted Street in Newton, New Jersey. Martha’s father is Albert Westra. They were married on a Saturday, September 20th in 1958 at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Their reception was held at the Newtonian Inn (now the Hampton Diner) on Route 94 in Newton.

The inside of the invitation

For those of you who are curious: No, I never ever use my mother’s maiden name on any security questions that websites may ask you to answer. Even if I didn’t have her maiden name on this blogpost, it’s just way too easy to find out information like that online nowadays.

There you have it. A wedding invitation in response to this week’s Wedding Wednesday prompt.


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