52 Prompts in 52 Weeks #5 – Friday’s Faces – Who’s Baby is This?

The idea behind the Friday’s Faces from the Past is to post a photo of an ancestor that I can’t identify or some “orphaned photo” that I found at an estate sale or flea market or tell the story behind a cherished family photo. For this week, I’m going with an unidentified person.

I have a photo of a baby that was in one of my grandmother Beatrice (Repsher) Strait’s photo albums that I inherited. The sepia photo, from around the turn of the last century, is glued very securely to black paper. The photo dimensions are 3-1/2 by 5 inches. Nothing is written on the photo or the black paper margins.

The baby is dressed in white, common for the times, and calmly sits cross-legged on a patterned blanket. Both the blanket and the baby are posed on the professional photographer’s ornate wicker chair. The right hand rests on its right thigh and the left hand rests on the arm of the chair. Blonde curls spill down the baby’s forehead and it (not sure if the baby is a boy or girl) has a very serious expression. Its eyes are looking steadily at something; perhaps the photographer, a favorite toy, or the parents. I should probably compare those ears with others in the family.

The photo has been creased in the middle at some point and is slightly damaged. There are two photos on the opposing side of the black paper to which this baby’s photo is glued. The first is of Beatrice Irene Repsher in her 1st Holy Communion dress. The second is one of Beatrice’s brothers also in 1st Holy Communion garb.

The subject of this post is overall a quite attractive portrait. I just adore the baby, its curls, and the ornate chair on which the baby is posed. Now, if I just knew who it was and how they tie into the family tree…


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